We believe our son Wang failed eco101 due to the lack of teacher supervision and self discipline in distance learning. We talked to educated club and after interviewing many tutors, we chose Ms. Lin who is currently a junior student at U of T business school. Ms. Lin showed great responsibility and seriousness during her trail class and we signed up for three month course during the summer vacation.

Ms. Lin reminded our son to complete the homework in class and day before each course, completed the course feedback form every two weeks. We simultaneously understood the learning content and progress of Wang at different stages. With his grades improved 70+, we sincerely thank the tutor and assistance from Educated Club.

In few months time we made a special trip to Toronto and had a meeting with the head of the institution to plan for our sons future study plan.
Parents of Wang
Home: Hong Kong
Program: UTSG Rotman Commerce, Finance & Economics Specialist 2nd Year
Courses: ECO 101, ECO204, RSM219, RSM230, ECO220
Found us via: Google & Internet
We were really worried about Liu, so we asked our friends and they recommended educated club. After comparing several tutoring institutions in China and Canada, we chose them.

Very soon we found that the councilor from educated club has formulated a detailed school year plan for Liu, at the same time, the course selection councilor assisted Liu in handling the Canadian visa application, the student account registration, tuition payment and even helped Liu arrive in Canada at the end of August. We cannot explain how happy and relieved we feel.

After semester started in September, Liu sought course help which was arranged by educated club. They assigned a multilingual tutor who helped gradually improve their English level while tutoring for weekly homework’s.
Parents of Liu
Home: Mainland China
Program: UTSG Mathematics and Physical Science 1 st Year
Courses: PHY151, MAT137
Referral from Chinese friends
We contacted Educated Club during winter semester of Chen, and he needed help with the compulsory courses for freshman. During the pandemic period, the learning effect of Chen was not good and his English foundation was very weak. He always complained that he could not understand thoroughly.

Educated Club arranged a gold medal lecturer Leo for Chen, as a result Chen got 80+ in two courses which laid a good foundation for the subsequent application for research. We are very satisfied with the responsibility of the teachers, councilors at Educated Club. We purchased the course selection service and pre-study package during the summer vacation.

Chen did not study calculus when studying in china, so we were very distressed due to our lack of knowledge in mathematics. In this situation the Educated Club arranged teacher Stella and Katherine to tutor Chen through his calculus courses. They also helped to learn the other programming languages.

Through the systematic two month summer vacation, Chen has been able to cope with the courses on his own after the start of the semester. Due to his previous semester’s extreme care from teachers, Chen now has developed good study habits while acquiring knowledge. We are very pleased and thank you everyone at Educated Club.

Parents of Chen
Home: Mainland China
Program: Dalhousie University Applied Computer Science
Courses: CSCI2100, CSCI109, CSCI300
Found us via: Google & Internet
When Zhu was studying in high school in Canada, we contacted educated club to tutor the 4U physics course through the recommendations of relatives and friends. During the communication and understanding with the councilor, they learned that Zhu wanted to apply to U of T Business School. With the assistance of educated club, Zhu was accepted with excellent grades. We were so excited and happy to see her progress without any issues.

The tutor Paulina, who also was admitted to the U of T business school, provided one-on-one interview counseling. After a month of paperwork and video guidance, zhu received an offer from the school.

After entering U of T, Zhu continue to study courses with Paulina and Lin, all the councilors at educated club always enthusiastically answered her questions about the business school on a daily basis.
Parents of Zhu
Home: Chinese Immigrant in Canada
Program: UofT Rotman commerce, finance and economics specialist
Courses: University application, ECO101
Found us via: Friends referral